The Future of Communication

What we do


We combine Psychology and Technology to build AI that understands human communication at scale.

By leveraging Machine Learning for Discovery and Prediction, Empatik’s solution vastly improves interpersonal communication in places where understanding is vital.

“We aim to lay the groundwork for the future of empathic AI, ensuring its seamless alignment with mankind’s collective goals and wellbeing.”

the team

Science, Technology & Innovation

Ulrik R-T


Dr. Stephan Hau

Head of Design

Lennart Högman

Head of Product

Dr. Håkan

Principal Scientist
Built for professionals dealing with Humans


Education and Training
Faster learning & automised feedback, AI-personalised curriculums, Optimal for remote education
Human Resources
AI-assisted training and development, Increased employee well-being & performance, Intelligent hiring assistance for key metrics
Therapy & Healthcare
Predictions from displayed patterns, Improved doctor-patient relationships, Tailored treatment plan suggestions
Customer Service & Sales
Scaleable personalised customer service, Automatic emotional profile-building, Immediate dispute recognition with appropriate response suggestions

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